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Air Conditioning System Clean Rooms

In recent years the demand for increasingly clean room design tang.Do requirements of high-tech products such as computer manufacturing, chip manufacturing, circuit boards, semiconductor technology ... or drugs in pharmaceuticals, medical devices,
operating room in all the rooms vien.Tat disease requires control dust concentrations, the pollutants in the permit. So the air conditioning system for room air cleaner with normal (high
office buildings ...) at the point.
Thus for cleanroom usually solve the problem in the
Temperature (temperature),
Moisture (humidity),
Pressure room (Room Pressurization),
Purity (cleanliness)
Contamination (cross-contamination).
 EQUIPMENT CO. INTERNATIONAL TECHNOLOGY ACT team of engineers with extensive experience in the field of electric motors, specializing in building construction categories conditioning, room air cleaning system
Please contact us for a solution for cleanroom air system optimization, competitive price, best quality service!

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