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ACU - Điều hòa cho phòng sạch

Mã: ACU - Điều hòa cho phòng sạch
Mô tả ngắn:

                  ACU: An air handling equipment functional conditioning and air cleaning, ACU is a compact, energy-saving, ACU for use in clean room systems can ensure cleanliness class level in 1000 without the need to use grids to improve, ACU allows stable operation system, creating layered vertical flow in duct system mounted on the ceiling
- Control the temperature and humidity of the room, easy for maintenance work, repair as simple structure and compact size
- Work area design and construction large simply no need for piping systems
- Frequency of small circulation, reduce noise
- Easily change placement, can be moved from room to room
- Cost savings and activity in the region has many small clean rooms need treatment gap
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