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Air Filter

Air Filter products commonly used in the following areas:

- Pharmaceutical Factory - Food

- Electronics Manufacturing Plant

- Manufacturing Plant high-end devices

- Hospitals, Laboratories,

Basically air filters are interpreted as follows:

Air purifiers basically used to supply clean air as well as keep out dust from arising before discharge into the environment. Dust filter for clean air objectives usually have low dust concentration of about 2 mg / m3.

Not to mention the carbon filters, electrostatic filters, the filters are divided into:

1.Tien Filter - Oil "Pre-filter"

2. Centrally Filtering - Filter midium

3. Filtering absolute "absolute filter" / or high efficiency filter, "HEPA filter". Split-level filters are based on filtration, dust collection performance.

The performance of each filter rule will increase or decrease depending on these factors:

- Air flow speed;

- The size of dust particles;

- Filter diameter fibers;

- Density filter thread;