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Mechanical products

Equipment Co., Ltd. Technical ACT International is a highly experienced business in the field: Outsourcing services, manufacturing, manufacturing of mechanical products primarily serving industry and civil. The company's products are made from stainless steel (Inox), steel ...
The company's products:
- AirShower, pass box, Cleanbench, Cleanbooth, Laf and other clean room equipment
- Cabinets, shelves, desks, and chairs industry manipulation
- Conveyor rollers, PVC conveyor belts, conveyor
- Outsourcing services cutting, folding, seismic, tornado ...
- Provides products precise mechanical machining jigs, JIS ...
 Public Facilities Engineering tyTNHH ACT International consultancy, design, manufacture or for processing according to customer's requirements on style, size, design ...
Equipment Co., Ltd. Technical ACT International are looking forward to the cooperation of other precious goods!

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